Kids today exhibit a strong need for privacy

, and one aspect of that is requesting a private bedroom. It is usually a good idea to develop in your children a sense of independence from a young age, and giving them their own bedroom may be the ideal method to do so.

But in order to maintain the health of their children’s mental and physical states, parents must build a child’s bedroom that meets their needs. The ideas listed below have been carefully chosen to help you construct a children’s room that will be a good environment for your developing youngsters.


Kids Bedroom design ideas for your little ones

furnishing ideas for single-bedroom and tiny spaces

Each family has a different budget, and only some parents can afford to give their children their own room. For those people, designing a small area for their children in their main bedroom as part of kids bedroom design may be the best option.

Choose a location in your room where there is plenty of airflow and natural light. All that is needed for newborns is a sturdy crib with a secure, movable barrier around the edges. However, for children who are able to walk and talk, adding a small bed and storage bins for their toys, clothes, and personal hygiene items should be sufficient and make for a good kids room design.

A great idea for kids bedroom design is to include shelf furniture that serves as a partition between the parents’ and kids’ sleeping areas. Some people also turn an old closet into a makeshift bed for them, complete with a small desk, storage bins, and sliding doors.

For small rooms, keep the interior uncomplicated with colourful wallpaper to encourage their inquisitive minds. Install only what they will use on a daily basis. A good table for studying, a small closet, and shelves for their books and dolls can transform a cramped space into a functional children’s room.

Placement of furniture according to Vastu/ science/ Feng Shui

The majority of families adhere to the principles of proper Feng Shui or seek the advice of a Vastu specialist while constructing their houses or designing private areas. With children as their top priority, parents understand how important it is to arrange their furniture as part of a kids bedroom design so that their children can benefit from these activities.

It is necessary to designate the west side of one’s house as the children’s bedroom, with the beds facing the southwest. The study table should face east, north, and northeast in a children’s room layout. As it was believed to increase a child’s mental capacity, green was chosen for their walls. Additionally, parents should steer clear of sharp-edged furniture in children’s rooms since it interrupts the flow of energy.

Placement of furniture according to Vastu

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Bedroom design ideas for girls and boys

The design of children’s rooms must take into account their demands. Depending on the personalities of the children, one may decide to paint the walls any colour of pink or mauve or choose vibrant tones of grey, even blue. If you choose a neutral wall colour, adding pink or green/blue colours to the bedsheets, mirror frames, or cushions is also a fantastic option to enhance the appeal of the bedroom.

If blue is your child’s preferred colour, you can use it to paint the walls, add blue touches to the bed frames and beams, or just use teal on the curtains.

A statement wall in a kids bedroom room design adds character; you may either choose a hip wallpaper with themes your child like or cover the entire wall with shelves displaying their favourite action figures, medals, musical instruments, or sports equipment.

An beautiful wooden rectangle study table, a nightlight with a whimsical print, and more decor items, like a photo board to pin their Polaroids or open shelf stands for their books—linear hooks along the walls to hang their guitars and backpacks—would be terrific additions to the space.

For kids who want their bedrooms to feel like a “princess chamber,” a poster bed with wooden posts and a white canopy will do. For those who like a straightforward bed, clean metal legs and a headboard are also options. Make sure the bed is the right size for their expanding frames. Ask your kids for alternative decorating suggestions; including them in the process will give them more influence.

Bedroom design ideas for girls and boys
Bedroom design ideas for kids

Bedroom space for multiple kids

Assigning a single bedroom when there are multiple children in the house requires careful consideration. In order to accommodate all of their demands and interests in one place, parents must make good use of the restricted space.

Little children have traditionally preferred bunk beds as their bedding. Kids enjoy sleeping in a bed-in-bed arrangement that has two beds connected by a stairway. Both the thrill factor and the space waste brought on by several beds are decreased.

More personal items need to be stored when there are more individuals in a space. Along with standard closets, adding drawers to the bottom of the mattresses can increase storage space.

Different kids will like various wallpaper designs or colours for their walls. For a design accent, choose muted hues like glossy blue and traditional stripes. Make sure that all of the children’s decor selections complement the room’s design and usefulness.

Bedroom designs for multiple kids

Children's room design: Importance of study space

After school hours, a child’s schoolwork does not stop. They have homework to do in addition to studying their notes. A kid will have a great school year if their room has a well-designed study area.

When using a neutral wall as a backdrop, it can be enjoyable to add seasonal decorations for the kids, such as vital blue or green accessories for summer and orange accessories for winter. The children can personalise their desks with coloured lighting, pinboards, or picture frames. Colors that are upbeat will aid a child’s concentration.

A good study table must be chosen as well. Choose a desk that is rectangular and big enough to accommodate all the books and stationery. Select a table pattern that complements the interior design of the space. Tables with more storage are always advantageous. Enough sunlight will be provided by a study table next to a window, which is also good for the kids.

Importance of study space

Kids bedroom design: safety in mind

There is a greater chance of falls and injuries when children are around without regular adult supervision. Toddlers have a propensity of climbing tables, desks, and anything else they can use their legs for. Furniture wall straps will guarantee that a desk or other piece of furniture is securely fastened to the wall and capable of supporting weights.

Use protective plates on electrical sockets to avoid electrocutions. Extra wires on lamps and humidifiers can be hidden by wire guards.

Beds must have headboards with bedding and be at least wide enough to fit into. They won’t roll off the bed as they sleep thanks to additional wooden gates along the bed’s rims.

Kids can rapidly access items placed on shelves and storage cabinets that are at a comfortable height without the need for additional steppers to prevent a fall.

Kids bedroom design keeping safety in mind

Benefits of a kid’s bedroom

  • Kids who decorate their own spaces are more likely to express their personalities and tastes.
  • They will learn discipline by keeping their room tidy and managing their possessions.
  • A child will have the necessary seclusion in their own bedroom to mature quickly.
  • A child will have the necessary seclusion in their own bedroom to mature quickly.

kids bedroom design

kids bedroom design

kids bedroom design

kids bedroom design

kids bedroom design

kids bedroom design



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